Light in Architecture- a webinar

Sanctifying Ourselves
Benares – the ritual of light, Image source :

Why do we get fascinated by natural light? Natural light that is ever changing, never constant- something you can never capture. No two photographs of fire, or of sunset reflected in ripples of water will ever be the same. You may see the setting sun every day, but you still want to hold on to the moment, just a little longer.

We celebrate light in festivals, the music that we play at different times of the day is affected by the quality of light at that moment in the form of morning raagas and evening raagas. We even have a historic building, the Sheesh Mahal, to celebrate light- light always had a direct connect with our emotions.

Can we connect these concepts to architectural space, and use the connection between light and emotion? As long as there is natural light outside, it should be the duty of an architect to make sure that it is not necessary to switch on artificial lights, as much as possible.

Watch this webinar by Sanjay Mohe facilitated by Phillips Lighting for some thoughts on light as a building material, and how it can be used in buildings without bringing in the heat.


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